Breakfast Update – August 27, 2014

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City Missionaries,

Summer is almost over and soon the smell of pancakes will be floating through the air on Saturday mornings in the communities we have been called to reach with the gospel. I don’t know about you but I am pretty excited about that!

Breakfast starts back up on Saturday, September 6 and we will now be serving and sharing in three locations: Indian Village, Villages at Lincoln, and now Jamestown Place! We are able to start at Jamestown because a great church, Parkway House of Prayer, has a huge heart for missions and they will be heading up that entire location by themselves. Ed Wyatt is the leader for that group and he is also on the Core Team of City Mission. Ed has a special burden for local missions and has been serving and training at our Indian Village location. They will launch at Jamestown on September 6 with a strong team and a large neighborhood to reach. Let’s all be praying that many come to saving faith in Christ this fall because of their willingness to be used by God.

As always, we are praying for more volunteers and groups to come and participate at all of our locations. Our greatest need this fall is for a group to come forward and take on one Saturday a month at Villages at Lincoln. (September-December) Four Saturdays is not much when you think about the kids and families that will be impacted by the gospel and how big of a difference it will make in someone’s life. Please join us in praying for this and share this need with your friends who may have a heart to serve Jesus in this way.  Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

We will be teaching through The Story of the Bible this fall at all three locations. The idea is to give kids who have never heard, the chance to grasp the big picture of the Bible…the picture of redemption…the picture of Jesus. We are praying for many to come to saving faith and we even have a baptism planned for each location on Saturday, December 20th! If that does not get you excited then I don’t know what will.

Please do remember that City Mission relies on the generosity of volunteers to keep the mission moving forward.  This is a great investment!  Since we are focused on relational and sustainable community missions we have very little overhead but a very big impact in the communities we serve.  You or your group can support City Mission financially to help cover the cost of breakfast supplies. Gifts of every size are needed and appreciated.  Making a donation to City Mission is an easy way for you to get involved in reaching the tougher communities in Roanoke with the message of Jesus.  You can give by sending a check to ‘City Mission’ – PO Box 204  Roanoke, VA 24002.    These donations are tax-deductible. Please pray about what recurring, monthly gift that God would have you give!

Have a great fall season on mission with Jesus!




September 6 The Creation Story God is Great.   Humans are Special.
September 13 The Story of the Fall God is Holy.   Humans are now Sinful.
September 20 The Story of Noah and the Ark God is Just.   Humans are guilty.
September 27 The Story of Abraham and Isaac Abraham believed. God provided substitute.
October 4 Moses and Passover The blood of the lamb provided a way out
October 11 Ten Commandments Nobody can keep God’s law
October 18 David and Goliath David trusts God
October 25 Prophets tell about the Messiah God Will Write His Law on Our Hearts
November 1 The Story of Jesus Birth Prophecies Came True
November 8 Jesus Baptized and Tempted Jesus is Holy and a Worthy Lamb
November 15 The Story of Jesus and Nicodemus You Must Be Born Again
November 22 The Story of the Cross/Resurrection You Can Be Born Again Today!
November 29 Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break
December 6 Baptism Lesson  Assurance of Salvation
December 13 Baptism Lesson  Meaning of Baptism/Church Life
December 20 Christmas Party and Baptisms  Celebrate Jesus through Baptisms
December 27 Christmas Break  Christmas Break
January 3 New Year’s Break  New Year’s Break



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Monet is a nine year old missionary.  Last month, her and her mom, Sunni, moved to Southeast Roanoke to be closer to the people that Jesus has burdened their hearts for.  Sunni took the opportunity to do a little interview with her daughter about the move.  Here is that interview!


Why are we moving to SE?

I want to move down to SE to teach the kids at Indian Village about God…


What feelings do you have about moving to SE?

I’m a little sad about leaving my friends, but other than that, I’m completely surprised we actually got a house right next to the Laughinghouses.  When we first were looking at the house, Levi (5 yrs. old) said, “every day after you finish your homework, I’m coming over!”


What are you looking forward to the most about living in SE?

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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On June 15, 2013, City Mission was blessed with the opportunity to take forty kids from Indian Village to watch the Salem Red Sox battle the Lynchburg Hillcats at Salem Memorial Stadium.

As the old yellow school buses pulled up to the community center at Indian Village, the kids came running from every direction.  Their anticipation overflowed as they hustled to get last minute permission slips signed by parents and inquired as to what bus they needed to board and what cool city missionaries might be riding along with them!  As the organized chaos unfolded, there was still time for hugs between kids and City Mission team members.

Once we arrived at the game,

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Summer Fun 2013

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Summer is officially here and it is a great time to introduce the kids in our city to Jesus!  The City Mission Core Team has planned some cool ways for us to be on mission to the families in SE Roanoke this summer.  Please review the calendar below to see

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Blessing in Review!

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City Mission volunteers began arriving at the Renovation Church building in Southeast Roanoke.  It was late afternoon, December 15th 2012 and time to begin setting up for the Christmas party for our friends from Indian Village!  While the presents were being wrapped, the drinks were being poured and the lights were being hung, there was a silent anticipation in the air.

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Materialism and Moving

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I felt awkward standing there way too long in the meat department staring at a nice cut of lamb.  It had been marked down 50% so it was a good deal.   I knew exactly what it would taste like coming off the grill because I’ve had it plenty of times before.  This was the first time though that I hadn’t just thrown it into my basket and kept on walking.   Now it’s way out of our budget. 

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Campbell House Construction Starts

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For two weeks now we have had the opportunity to have our breakfast party at Indian Village because construction has started at The Campbell house!  While the breakfast parties have been going wonderfully (we had 90 people this past Saturday), we are so excited to see our own place come together. While Jon, Brad, and other volunteers are getting the job done, it’s always nice to have some outside help, and this week we have just that! A youth group from Christ Church in Richmond has come in for the week on a mission trip and their job is to help with demo work at the Campbell House.

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Saturday Breakfast at The Campbell House has been going great but with the remodeling getting ready to start this is going to be a dangerous site for kids to be hanging out.  With that in mind, we have decided to move the breakfast for a few months to a public housing project

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It’s no surprise that God is in every aspect of our adventures in Southeast Roanoke. The past three weeks have been full of gardening and construction work at The Campbell House to bring it to its full potential. Even though the neighborhood kids have been hard at work planting their garden and keeping up with it, there is always room for more volunteers on Saturday mornings. Over the past month God has certainly delivered in the area of volunteers as it seems that more and more believers are embracing the concept of being missionaries in everyday life. 

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This past Saturday was our third week in the new house in Southeast and already we are seeing some awesome changes. We saw a lot of our old friends come out the past two Saturdays for breakfast and even saw some of our new friends from our opening week come join us again. These last two weeks have been a little different though, in the midst of our renovation of Campbell House, we saw a huge turnout of kids and were very surprised by

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