City Mission has a vision to see the low-income communities of Roanoke City spiritually and socially renewed by the good news of Jesus.

We serve the residents of these communities, share the good news, connect them with a local church, and then involve them in the mission to reach their neighborhood.  We currently serve  in three public housing communities in S.E. and N.W. Roanoke and have plans to be in all eight of the public housing communities operated by the City.

City Mission is made up of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and denominations.  People from a variety of churches in the Valley serve with City Mission because it is not about a specific church or person but it is about being unified to reach and serve our community with the love of Jesus.  We hope you or your group will be a part of the movement.


Gospel Centered – the good news about the new life found in Jesus is absolutely the best thing we have to offer people so everything we do is geared toward having opportunities to share the gospel of grace that has changed our lives.

Disciple Making – making disciples who make disciples is the key to the movement so we prefer for our volunteers to have ‘face to face’ interactions and ‘hand to hand’ serving rather than ‘drop-off donations’ or ministering at arm’s length.  This is just as much about the growth of those serving as it is those being served.  We all have room to grow.

Local/Organic/Sustainable – we like to minister to specific local communities and not just the random masses.  We want to minister in ways that are natural and meet real needs.  We  prefer long-term sustainable relationships over one-time projects.

Staying Simple – we prefer to stay simple by forming gospel partnerships with others who are serving the city well in different aspects instead of us trying to do everything and ‘reinventing the wheel’.  We also encourage others groups to partner with City Mission!

Multiplication – we like to release groups  to start new expressions of City Mission in different neighborhoods so that more people will have the chance to see, hear, and respond to the gospel.