Campbell House Construction Starts

Posted by in Chelsea Charpia,City Mission - News | July 24, 2012

For two weeks now we have had the opportunity to have our breakfast party at Indian Village because construction has started at The Campbell house!  While the breakfast parties have been going wonderfully (we had 90 people this past Saturday), we are so excited to see our own place come together. While Jon, Brad, and other volunteers are getting the job done, it’s always nice to have some outside help, and this week we have just that! A youth group from Christ Church in Richmond has come in for the week on a mission trip and their job is to help with demo work at the Campbell House.

I got the chance to go over there and take some pictures and meet some of the kids and to say these kids were awesome is an understatement. I barely recognized the inside of the house from all of the demolition that had already taken place. Not only were they doing a great job working, but they were so friendly and welcoming and definitely full of energy. Most of the group consisted of 12 year olds and a few older kids and I personally met Kara, Anne-Christian, Jackson, and Eric (all twelve years old) and they filled me in on the last day and half of their mission trip with City Mission. Kara and Anne-Christian told me the story of how they kicked down a wall on Monday with the supervision of the boys and they also filled me in on how Lego’s had been falling from the ceiling all day. As much as I hated to tear myself away from their stories, I took the chance to go inside the house (construction zone) and take a look around for myself. The foyer is completely gone and the walls that were once there are now just studs. Brad certainly runs a tight ship because those kids were working pretty hard.

While some of the kids were carrying out buckets of debris to the dumpster I overheard Brad going over some of the rules with the kids. Rule number one was “go faster” and rule number two was “don’t die.” (Hope they were kidding…) The rest of the rules ranged in numbers from 47 to 103 and the kids seemed to be having a great time making them up as they went along.

While Christ Church provided the youth group for the work, an organization called REACH was also involved. REACH stands for “Real Experiences Affecting Change” and is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving western Virginia through community service. This organization actually hosted the youth group that came to help us this week. The youth groups and adults who are with REACH stay at the Salvation Army while they are in town and during the day they do community service for different organizations around Southeast Roanoke. I got to meet Andy and Bryce from REACH and they explained what REACH stood for and what they were doing. We were certainly grateful for their help and love what they are doing around Roanoke!

While the construction takes a while and the wait may be uncomfortable, good things are ahead for The Campbell House because we know that the Lord is involved in everything we are doing. We couldn’t be more thankful for the help we are receiving and have loved having this youth group with us this week.

Written by Chelsea Charpia

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