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Blessing in Review!

Posted by in Chelsea Charpia,City Mission - News | December 23, 2012

City Mission volunteers began arriving at the Renovation Church building in Southeast Roanoke.  It was late afternoon, December 15th 2012 and time to begin setting up for the Christmas party for our friends from Indian Village!  While the presents were being wrapped, the drinks were being poured and the lights were being hung, there was a silent anticipation in the air.

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Campbell House Construction Starts

Posted by in Chelsea Charpia,City Mission - News | July 24, 2012

For two weeks now we have had the opportunity to have our breakfast party at Indian Village because construction has started at The Campbell house!  While the breakfast parties have been going wonderfully (we had 90 people this past Saturday), we are so excited to see our own place come together. While Jon, Brad, and other volunteers are getting the job done, it’s always nice to have some outside help, and this week we have just that! A youth group from Christ Church in Richmond has come in for the week on a mission trip and their job is to help with demo work at the Campbell House.

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Posted by in Chelsea Charpia,City Mission - News | July 15, 2012

Saturday Breakfast at The Campbell House has been going great but with the remodeling getting ready to start this is going to be a dangerous site for kids to be hanging out.  With that in mind, we have decided to move the breakfast for a few months to a public housing project

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Posted by in Chelsea Charpia,City Mission - News | June 16, 2012

It’s no surprise that God is in every aspect of our adventures in Southeast Roanoke. The past three weeks have been full of gardening and construction work at The Campbell House to bring it to its full potential. Even though the neighborhood kids have been hard at work planting their garden and keeping up with it, there is always room for more volunteers on Saturday mornings. Over the past month God has certainly delivered in the area of volunteers as it seems that more and more believers are embracing the concept of being missionaries in everyday life. 

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Posted by in Chelsea Charpia,City Mission - News | May 24, 2012
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This past Saturday was our third week in the new house in Southeast and already we are seeing some awesome changes. We saw a lot of our old friends come out the past two Saturdays for breakfast and even saw some of our new friends from our opening week come join us again. These last two weeks have been a little different though, in the midst of our renovation of Campbell House, we saw a huge turnout of kids and were very surprised by

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Posted by in Chelsea Charpia,City Mission - News | May 14, 2012

Many times when God is blessing his children, he does it through unsightly things. Take for instance the new addition to City Mission, The Campbell house. From the outside (and even the inside) this house appears to have nothing to offer but with God’s help and diligent work we hope to make this a safe haven for community members of Southeast Roanoke. Speaking of God’s help, this past week the NCCAA Softball National Championship took place in Botetourt County. City Mission and Renovation Church were blessed to have three participating teams come out and

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Beauty Among The Weeds

Posted by in Chelsea Charpia | May 8, 2012

Excitement was building Friday night, May 4th, as the City Mission team prepared for The Campbell House opening Saturday morning. From the outside, our new location didn’t prove to be much on the eyes. The old building needs a new wardrobe and some curb appeal badly. There is more water running on the ground than in the pipes of the house. It is a little more than a construction zone, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from

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