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Many times when God is blessing his children, he does it through unsightly things. Take for instance the new addition to City Mission, The Campbell house. From the outside (and even the inside) this house appears to have nothing to offer but with God’s help and diligent work we hope to make this a safe haven for community members of Southeast Roanoke. Speaking of God’s help, this past week the NCCAA Softball National Championship took place in Botetourt County. City Mission and Renovation Church were blessed to have three participating teams come out and volunteer with us on Wednesday, May 9th.

California Baptist University arrived at The Campbell House at 9:00am.  They tilled the Kid’s Garden and did a ton of demolition work inside the house. They gutted the bathroom and the kitchen and removed a brick structure in the living room that used to house a wood burning stove. These girls came ready to work and knocked out some walls even though they had practice the same day and four games the next morning. The coaches even got involved and cut down the overgrown shrubbery in front of the house. Needless to say, there were a lot of “runs” scored Wednesday morning around The Campbell House. It was definitely a blessing to be in the company of such happy and hard working young women.

Judson University arrived at the Renovation Church building at 9:00am.  With the help of a local painter these girls painted the entire basement which included stripping wallpaper out of some old bathrooms.  North Greenville University from South Carolina came to the building at noon and did a super job landscaping the property and removing a ton of trash that had accumulated in the church building over the last decade.

God has certainly blessed us with The Campbell House and the church building on Bullitt Avenue and has continued to show his faithfulness through all the help he has provided in getting them fixed up and ready for our neighbors. Our new house and church building still have a lot of work to be done but they have great potential. We owe a huge thanks to the girls from California Baptist University, Judson University, and North Greenville University for all of their help and hard work.

As we sit back and thank God for our many blessings, we are reminded of our purpose here on Earth; to share the truth and the love of Jesus Christ and to further God’s kingdom. It is an amazing thing to witness all the little things God does to insure that we are doing our job here. First he blessed us with a neighborhood to love, then our own building to do it in, and now the help he provides in getting it fixed up. There is no denying that God is in Southeast and ready to work.

Congrats to California Baptist University on being the 2012 National Champs!


Chelsea Charpia

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