Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Posted by in City Mission - News,Dawn Sandoval | June 18, 2013
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On June 15, 2013, City Mission was blessed with the opportunity to take forty kids from Indian Village to watch the Salem Red Sox battle the Lynchburg Hillcats at Salem Memorial Stadium.

As the old yellow school buses pulled up to the community center at Indian Village, the kids came running from every direction.  Their anticipation overflowed as they hustled to get last minute permission slips signed by parents and inquired as to what bus they needed to board and what cool city missionaries might be riding along with them!  As the organized chaos unfolded, there was still time for hugs between kids and City Mission team members.

Once we arrived at the game, got the buses unloaded and got everyone to our assigned section, the engagement continued.  There was cheering, laughter, singing and some mild harassment  of Mugsy , the Salem Red Sox mascot! After the 7th inning stretch, we loaded the kids up and headed back to SE Roanoke.

The bus ride home was the most humbling part of the outing for me. As we rode through downtown Roanoke, the kids, in response to Mrs. Christy’s question “Who rocks the house?”, began chanting “Jesus rocks the house!” The closer we got to the heart of the city, the kids began yelling to those on the streets, telling them that Jesus loves them!  What an awesome experience!  And, as they exited the bus, each rider thanked the bus driver!

I stand in awe of what God is doing in Indian Village!  I am prayerful that the City Mission kids know just how much Jesus loves them…..and just how much we love them, too!

Written by Dawn Sandoval- City Mission Core Team Member and Missionary

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