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This past Saturday was our third week in the new house in Southeast and already we are seeing some awesome changes. We saw a lot of our old friends come out the past two Saturdays for breakfast and even saw some of our new friends from our opening week come join us again. These last two weeks have been a little different though, in the midst of our renovation of Campbell House, we saw a huge turnout of kids and were very surprised by their work ethic!

Last week, breakfast started out as usual, with prayer and a little fellowship with our neighbors and of course some great pancakes cooked on our new deluxe pancake griddle. Jonny and his friends Brandon, Humza, Bari, Mo, and AJ all played with spinners over cereal while David and his friend Livy told me all about preschool and the trials of being four years old. Since the bounce castle didn’t make a return these past two weeks, the kids took to another means of fun–yard work!

Our friends from Indian Village Mo, Humza, Bari, and AJ helped shovel dirt back into the garden. They went at this for almost an hour and showed no signs of fatigue. They loved using the shovels and rakes and even brought a broom out to help sweep the dirt into place. Mo learned how to use a lawnmower with the help of Mr. Ron, who he calls “Donald” and mowed the side lawn for us. Meanwhile, Jennifer and her sister Ruby helped get rocks out of the front yard where the rose bush used to be and into another fixture in the front yard. Raina helped the boys for a while but she really let her inner cook come out by making our pancake batter all morning while telling me stories of her new kittens and what she’s been doing in school lately; turns out second grade gets really boring at the end of the school year. It was definitely a kid’s takeover day these last two weeks at the breakfast party.

After being pleasantly surprised by how hard the kids worked and how much they enjoyed the garden, the decision was made to make the garden into the kid’s garden! They will be able to help plant the fruits and vegetables and be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This certainly wasn’t our original plan but once again God showed up and showed out and blessed us with new ideas to further the success of his work in Southeast.

Planting the seed of Christ in the kids was a good starting point to a gardening lesson, so this past Saturday the kids had a Bible story on the back of Jason’s truck (since the house still isn’t ready for us to fully use the inside) and Michelle brought some watermelon seeds so they could start planting their garden. The excitement was pouring off of them as soon as they finished their Bible story. Since the rain had come and messed up our freshly tilled dirt, Michelle and the kids had more work than expected but that didn’t slow them down one bit. After spending some time digging rocks out of the dirt, they finally got to plant their seeds. Knowing this might have been the first time these kids have done anything like this made that time even more special. In the weeks to come we hope to get a lot more planted in that garden and keep the kids involved at every step. It will be such a blessing to not only watch the plants grow, but watch these kids grow in Christ.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14


Written by Chelsea Charpia

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